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    Could Olivia Munn and Joe Manganiello Be Hollywood's Next Power Couple?

    Olivia Munn Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

    The jury has spoken and it looks like you think Olivia Munn deserves a hot new relaysh after her did-they-or-didn't they hookup with Brett Ratner.

    Munn was recently spotted out and about with NY Rangers hockey player Brad Richards, but for now they're keeping their mouths shut. Maybe Liv has learned her lesson after, you know, airing her very dirty laundry in her tell-all book last year?

    But she's a rising star, and with her new flick Magic Mike set for release next summer, we think she belongs with someone a little more, well, famous!

    So who's the lucky man?

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    There's nothing like a steamy hookup with your co-star to stir up some major press for your upcoming movie—just ask Robsten! And it looks like we are in agreement 'cause 32 percent of you chose Joe Manganiello as Olivia's top suitor.

    Tied for second place were the dreamy Ryan Gosling and, more surprisingly, Brett Ratner. Talk about polar opposites! So why did these two fall short from the top spot?

    Olivia may be a stunner, but maybe good-guy Ryan Gosling is a little too straight edge for her? After all, Liv does seem like she has a wild side.

    And I think we can all breathe a right of relief that, according to you, there will be no Munn-Ratner reunion in the foreseeable future. Good—we didn't think we could handle it.

    Coming in last but not least was Alexander Skarsgård. Although we can totally see this pairing, we get it, two True Blood hotties in one poll can get a little overwhelming.

    Would you support a Jolivia romance?

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