Ashton Kutcher

The show must go on.

Mr. Aplusk may be minus his missus, but he's holding on to what he's got, and chief among those things is his steady and lucrative employment at Two and a Half Men. Just hours after Demi Moore announced she was divorcing her husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher was spotted taking a no doubt much-needed break from filming on the Warner Bros. lot.

Say what you will about his private life, but this guy just proved that when it comes to work, he's a consummate pro.

The 33-year-old was on set all day yesterday (nothing like some professional comedy in the midst of a personal drama) and was captured chatting with coworkers of his hit show on the studio lot.

Since Demi announced the split yesterday afternoon, and both released brief statements online, neither (understandably) have spoken out again.

Though the next actions they take may speak louder than words—specifically, 140 characters' worth of them. While Demi has yet to switch her Twitter account handle from the now unfortunately chosen "mrskutcher," the countdown to her name change is already on.

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