Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore


Two and a Half is not just a number in Ashton Kutcher's successful TV show, but it's how many more zeros he has in his bank account than soon-to-be ex-wife Demi Moore.

Here's how an expert from Forbes breaks down the finances of the divorcing duo exclusively to E! News...

"As painful as this is to say, Ashton has great earning potential from here on out, and Demi Moore does not," says Dorothy Pomerantz, the magazine's L.A. bureau chief. "Because of Two and a Half Men, he is earning close to $700,000 an episode, and if his show goes into syndication he will earn more from that. Having a hit show gives you amazing earning potential."

Forbes estimates that Kutcher has made roughly $7 million so far this year from Two and a Half Men, plus another $2 million from his movies, another $1 million from his restaurants and another $1 million from residuals of That '70s Show reruns.

Pomerantz says Ashton's investments in tech companies haven't given him significant earnings yet, but have potential for big returns down the line.

The future may be looking bright financially for Ashton, but it could only be getting worse for Demi.

"Maybe we are going to see her build back up her portfolio, but it's hard for women at her age [Moore turned 49 a week ago], there's just no way around that," said Pomerantz. "That's a scarlet letter on your forehead. She's too pretty to play the older mom roles."

Per Forbes estimates, Moore still gets residuals from her movies, and her lucrative endorsement deal with Ann Taylor brings in an estimated $2 million-$3 million per year, putting her somewhere close to $5 million for the year.

Kutcher meanwhile has never made Forbes' Celebrity 100, but he has a good chance of making it next year.

"With the Celebrity 100 we look at earnings and fame," said Pomerantz. "The lowest earners on our list earn about $9 million a year, but they have to have a significant amount of fame too. We do the list in May, but Ashton wasn't on Two and a Half Men at that point, so that's $7 million that he didn't have."

A yearly income of $12 million-$13 million would put Kutcher on the Forbes Top 100 Celebrity list next to individuals like Tina Fey, who earned $13 million in 2010, and Kate Moss and Eva Longoria, who each earned $14 million.

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