Gary Mantoosh, Zoe Saldana

Sharky / Splash News

Ah, celebrity rebound romances. Aren't they grand?

The ever-so-beautiful Zoe Saldana was caught leaving swanky Beverly Hills restaurant The Ivy hand-in-hand with a new fellow—who's quite a looker, if we do say so ourselves—just days after announcing her broken engagement to beau of 11 years Keith Britton.

So who's the new guy? And is he even qualified to be called "the new guy"?

Unfortunately, not really. At least, not yet.

It turns out her man friend, who was providing a helping hand, is her Los Angeles publicist, Gary Mantoosh.

Obvi, it's not out of the question for celebs to romantically mingle within their working circle, but we can't say for certain that there are sparks flying here.

But in case you're wondering Zoe, you have our approval.

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