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Tonight's episode of Nikita is filled to the brim with all kinds of crazy. Russian pole dancers? Check. Terrifying torture devices? Uh-huh. A huge plot twist that will change the rest of the season? You bet'cha!

We just chatted with our new Nikita crush Dillon Casey (Sean) and he reveals details about tonight's mind-blowing episode and who he really thinks would win in a fight between Sean and Nikita—plus, some juicy scoop about Sean's bizarre love triangle between Alex and… his mother?!

"I found myself in this episode, on the top of a parking garage, firing a gun at a helicopter. I've never done that before in my life!" Casey gushes. "The guy is a total badass, he does what the hell he wants! Well, except for his mom telling him to do other things."

Momma's boy: table for one?  We're kidding… kind of. In tonight's jam-packed episode Sean definitely takes his job of protecting his Senator mother very seriously. In fact, Nikita (Maggie Q) repeatedly calls him a boy scout because he is "always prepared." (Side note: Dillon tells us that he was "definitely not" a boy scout in real life.)

But is Sean prepared to focus his attention away from his mom and onto Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca)? Casey reveals, "At some point I think he's going to have to give up the mommy issues and go after her. I think that seducing her is a pretty good idea in order for him to get what he wants." But there's just one small catch in Sean's new plan: He couldn't flirt his way out of a paper bag. "You would think that a person who would use seduction as a tactic would be a little better at seduction and he fails miserably."

Well, practice makes perfect! And Nikita fans should start practicing their breathing techniques because the last ten minutes of tonight's episode "Fair Trade" will leave you reaching for an inhaler.

"This is the first time that Sean and Nikita have directly faced off, it's very tense. Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) gets captured, Sean has Birkhoff and Nikita has the black box so we both have some very powerful bargaining chips. We both are going to have to face each other in order to make the trade, the 'Fair Trade' as it's called."

And although the two are not going to be battling it out in combat tonight, there is a truly giggle-worthy moment when Nikita throws something (we won't say what) directly at Sean's head. Casey tells us, "How many times does Sean get caught with people throwing things at his face? [Laughs.] That's two already. In the first episode Alex hits me in the face with her cell phone, now we know who taught her the trick."

Nikita, Dillon Casey

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But when Nikita and Sean finally have their full-on fight scene, Casey says he is 100% confident in who would win. "Sean for sure. I mean, he's a Navy SEAL. They're the toughest people on the planet. Sean would win and I think that's why Nikita is doing everything she can to get away from him. In this episode she runs away from him; she doesn't fight him."

Well, in Nikita's defense she had no weapons, no back up and no shoes! Still, Casey was quick to dismiss these details saying, "She could have found a way. She's Nikita." Can't argue that.

Nikita is all-new tonight at 8 on The CW.

Who do you think would win in a Sean and Nikita face-off? Are you excited for tonight's action-packed episode? Fire at us in the comments!

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