Nick Clooney, Nina Bruce, Stacy Keibler, George Clooney

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Looks like this hot couple decided to take the plunge!

'Cause this sexy twosome is arguably getting tres serious, as George Clooney recently introduced Stacy Keibler to his parents at the premiere of his new flick, The Descendants

So, how did the 'rents react to his wrestler GF?

They loved her. Unless that smile is all for the cameras, of course. 

But George certainly seems quite smitten with his blonde bombshell, as he gushed over Stacy's sweet nature exclusively to E! News.

Oh, and he also mentioned she could kick his ass—hot

But seriously, the couple looked perfectly at ease around Georgey's parents, exuding an image of domestic bliss, and we know the notorious bachelor is a big sucker for the 'rents' approval. 

But the real shocker of the night had to be Stacy's neckline, and we're fairly impressed Papa Clooney averted his gaze. But must fess—girl looked stunning

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So maybe we were wrong not to take this couple too seriously. After all, we never saw Elisabetta Canalis chumming it up with George's parentals, and Keibler seems entirely content posing as Clooney's arm candy. 

Perhaps Stacy can pin George down for good? 

Doubt it. So tread carefully George—'cause a broken heart (which seems to be the common state your exes suffer) might land you a broken nose next time 'round. 

Or will there not be another break-up with you, handsome, is this what you're telling us?

What say you, Awful readers, will it last? Sound off below!

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