Breaking Dawn, Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Connor Fine Engraver & Stationer

Twi-hards, breathe a sign of relief, 'cause the wait is finally over. Just peep the small print on the wedding invite (beautifully made by New York-based Connor Fine Engraver & Stationer).

And since Breaking Dawn hits theaters at midnight, we know all you Twi-fans are already counting down the minutes till Rob and Kris land on the big screen. 

So, was it worth all the hype?

Nope, if ya ask us! But we already told you, the highly anticipated sex scene could have been so much hotter. Not to mention longer. Hey, don't vamps have all this colossal staying power and stuff?

But that's not the only scene we were anxiously awaiting, right?

Well, sorta. Still, there's K.Stew's sexy face to dish on, or we can talk how Rob totally toned up for the cameras.

And even though the bed breakin's a total blah in our book, there's still the adorable half vamp to swoon over!

So, were you totally grossed out by the nasty birth scene, or did you love seeing Rob and Kris play mom and dad?

And what about you Team Jacob Twi-hards? Did you die over the wedding drama?

Or if all that's all a bore, maybe you love the fight scenes, and went crazy when Nikki Reed unleashed her fangs?

Either way, this is clearly the wedding of the century, and we know you can't wait to dish. 

So sound off, Twi-hards! And let us know what you really thought about Breaking Dawn: Part 1

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