The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, Lily Collins, Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart

Matthew Rolston/Relativity Media; Rankin/Universal Studios

These two chicks might be fairer than the rest—and better looking than even über-gorgeous Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts according to that bitchy mirror. But it's finally time to pit the stunning Snow Whites themselves against each other!

They've both got the pale skin, jet-black hair and rosy lips, sure. But which of these babes has that extra something-something that'll make you pick their flick over the fairy-tale competition: Kristen Stewart or Lily Collins?

Tough call, especially seeing as both chicks got put on the backburner in their own damn trailers.

First up, there's franchise-lovin' K.Stew, who's swapping lovin' vamps for kickin' asses in Snow White and the Huntsman.

K.'s Snow may have not made a peep during the trailer (leavin' most of chitchat up to queen Char), but she doled out two other things that have us plenty intrigued: sex appeal and action star status. K.Stew alternates between donning a suit of armor and a wet 'n' wild maiden's outfit (heavy on the cleavage).

And if that's not your speed (to which we say: are you crazy?!) there's an equally awesome Ms. White to cheer on—Mirror Mirror's Lily!

Lily's Snow sneaks a few lines into the trailer and gets to swing a sword herself, but she spends most of her time chumming it up with the dwarves and starting ballroom flash mobs to diddy's about love. We're pretty sure Lil would shine, too, if the trailer wasn't over edited to focus on Julia's bitchy blah of a retro-Erin Brockovich queen.

But you tell us: Which starlet do you think will captivate you the most when the Snow Whites finally go head to head?

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