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Mariah Yeater may still be out for blood. Or at least a cheek swab.

After switching up the legal team that filed—and subsequently filed to dismiss—her paternity suit against Justin Bieber, the 20-year-old mother of a 4-month-old son has obtained new counsel and is moving forward with her mission to get the teen heartthrob to take a DNA test, E! News confirms.

And just because she's not suing the teen heartthrob anymore right now doesn't mean she never will again, says attorney Jeffrey Leving, the remaining lawyer from her original team.

The case was dismissed "without prejudice," Leving asserted. "That means we can refile it at any time...It can be filed again tomorrow."

In the meantime, the Chicago-based attorney has handpicked two new West Coast members of Yeater's legal camp, John Carlson of Los Angeles and Art Kallow of San Diego.

Leving says that their client is still getting death threats and is coping as well as any 20-year-old single mom with "no money [who's] being stalked" can be. So, he adds, it would be best if any future paternity test could take place outside the proverbial confines of the court "so we don't have a media circus."

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"We want privacy," he says, "and we want to wrap this up."

Well, Bieber might want a little something for his troubles, too.

While his lawyer hasn't yet returned calls for comment, spokesman Matthew Hiltzik told E! News today that Team Bieber will "continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin."

After performing on the German version of The X Factor yesterday, the 17-year-old tweeted that he had "a great time," and, "I love and appreciate the fans! they get me thru everything. Im here for them!"

Presumably when he says "everything," that includes this particular pickle.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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