Robert Pattinson, Mackenzie Foy

Peter Sorel/Summit Entertainment; Kelsey Edwards

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a half-vampire baby that's trying to kill you from within the womb.

Well, at least in Breaking Dawn. After Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's onscreen alter egos tie the knot and then knock boots, Mrs. Bella Cullen discovers she's got a freaky bun in her oven. And cutie Mackenzie Foye plays that vamp baby

So we had to ask her what she thought about having R.Pattz and K.Stew as parents...

"They're amazing, they're sweet," she gushed about the duo when we chatted with Mackenzie at the premiere this week. "It's really exciting to know them and really fun for them be my fake parents. I loved working with them."

C'mon, what'd you expect her to say? She's 11, for Edward Cullen's sake. And very media savvy, to boot.

Summit trains ‘em young!

So what does Mac think about her birthing scene? Ya know, the one where—spoiler alert!—daddy Ed has to eat the baby out before it kills Bella...complete with tons of blood and guts and gore. (P.S. This is the scene you will be talkin' about after the movie, not the honeymoon fluff.)

"I don't get to see the whole thing," Mackenzie told us, which makes sense, since the flick is PG-13.

Another castmate did have an opinion on K.Stew's less-than-gorgeous pregnancy though:

"One day I came to set...Everybody had a call time at like 9:00 am, and I came in at like 11 because my call was later," Jackson Rathbone, who turned eyes in a red velvet suit, told us, "and I get there and I see Kristen across the way and I'm like, ‘Hey, Kristen, how's it...what happened to you?!'

"And she looked so gaunt and so pale and so terrible like she spent five weeks in Vegas. And I'm like ‘Are you OK?!' and she's like ‘Dude, Jax, it's makeup.' And I was like 'Oh thank god. Goddamn, man, that looks terrible.' "

But it looks killer on screen, which reminds us, enjoy watching that nasty birth scene tonight at midnight, Twi-hards!

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