Did Jennifer Aniston Really Have a Heart to Heart With Justin Theroux's Ex?

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    Jennifer Aniston, Justin theroux, Heidi Bivens
    Jennifer Aniston, Justin theroux, Heidi Bivens Joe Kohen/WireImage.com; Victor Chavez/WireImage

    Trust, Jennifer Aniston knows she's America's Sweetheart, and girl wants to keep it that way. 

    So it should come as no surprise Grazia magazine is reporting Ms. Aniston had a tearful meeting with her current beau's ex, Heidi Bivens, to set the record straight that she did not steal Justin Theroux (à la Brangelina).

    But wait, doesn't this sound more like a scene out of Mean Girls than something Jennifer Aniston would do? Read on for the exclusive scoop!

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    Yep, ‘cause she didn't, according to her rep, who told us exclusively the meeting is "a complete fabrication."

    Shocker! You mean to tell us Heidi did not want to cry over a glass of vino with her ex's more famous current flame?

    Yeah, we're not surprised. 

    After all, whether or not Jen and Justin's relaysh overlaps with the Heidi Bivens breakup hardly makes a difference. Heidi and Justin dated for 14 years, and now? Jen and Justin are all over the tabloids as the hottest hipster duo to strut the streets of NYC. 

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    And since H.B. almost certainly can't set foot outside without peeping a snapshot of the duo, we're guessing Heidi isn't too fond of sweet Ms. Aniston. 

    But most important is that everyone's happy, right?

    After all, Jen finally has a boyfriend, Justin shoots to stardom, and Heidi, well, we're sure she can find an über-hot rebound. 

    Perhaps someone like, say, Joe Manganiello? Dude's super hot and recently broke up with his GF. 

    Have a little fun, Heidi! And let the paparazzi ex-games begin. 

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