Let the battle begin! As if it hasn't already.

We already saw—and got goosebumps from—the trailer for Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman, which showed Charlize Theron's dark side. But now we can compare it with the finally titled other Snow White film, Mirror, Mirror which stars Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

So what's the verdict?

Despite using the same classic lines and both having some enticing eye candy (Hi, Armie Hammer and Chris Hemsworth), the movies are as different as night and day.

While Snow White and the Huntsman is dark and mysterious, sometimes a little frightening, Mirror, Mirror comes off a kinda comedic and Roberts plays a more sarcastic queen as opposed to devilish. But this can be a good thing.

If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky version of the film, then this is the movie for you. However, if mystery and suspense (and seeing Theron be a "total bitch") sounds more exciting, then Snow White and the Huntsman is your best bet.

And everyone's happy!

What'd you think of the trailer? Was it what you expected? Let us know in the comments.

PHOTOS: Mirror, Mirror

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