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Survivor: South Pacific Insider: Surprising Twist Shakes Up Tribal Council...Maybe?

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Jim Rice, Ozzy Lusth, Keith Tollefson, Survivor South Pacific
Jim Rice, Ozzy Lusth, Keith Tollefson, Survivor South Pacific Monty Brinton/CBS

Just when most Survivor: South Pacific Castaways—those not named Whitney or Dawn, anyway—thought it was safe to go back to Tribal Council, Jeff Probst introduced a shocking new twist.

Did the last-minute surprise turn the game upside down? Who was sent to Redemption Island? And was Ozzy there to welcome them?

RECAP: Survivor: South Pacific Insider: One Big Fish, Two Tribal Councils and Three at Redemption Island

Three to One: Ozzy keeps his job as the innkeeper of Redemption Island after knocking both Jim and loverboy Keith (bringing his girlfriend cheerleader Whitney to tears) out of the so-called duel. Even though Probst promised us days before filming began this season that only two Castaways would compete in the Redemption Island duels—aka, the definition of a duel—the producers just can't seem to resist a good threesome.

All is forgiven though, since instead of keeping the second-place finisher around like last season, Jim and Keith became the first two members of the jury. Ozzy's "just keep winning" strategy is succeeding. While he's enjoying an all-you-can-buffet in his mini-paradise, he promises to keep the light on for his next visitors. It's about to get more crowded than he thinks.

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One-Two Punch: Although Dawn put up a valiant effort in the head-carrying challenge, Sophie shattered her hopes of survival by filling her rice bowl. (You have to wonder what rice wars instigator Special Agent Phillip Sheppard would've made of this challenge.) Although Coach didn't approve of Albert's "squirrely" scheming with the desperate remnants of the Savaii tribe. He put on a good show, but in the end a unified Upolu Seven sent Dawn to Ozzy's Oceanfront Oasis. Wah-wah.

But there's a twist! Jeff announced that another Immunity Challenge was about to commence, right at Tribal. Like Dawn before her, Whitney held on till the end before Sophie donned the Immunity Necklace—and voted out the country singer along with the rest of her tribe.

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The Godfather: Although he continues to deny it, Coach is calling every play and controlling his Upolu minions with "coddling, reaffirming and fear"—and scrutinizing their every move. He's got a warrior spirit all right, and its name is Michael Corleone. "If anybody goes against the family, they're dead." Since when did Coach become so menacing?

Next Time, On Survivor: Think Coach has god complex now? Next week he's dubbing himself Zeus, the "father of gods and men." And who, as his terrified tribemates point out, "ate his children." How about we just call him Cocoa Sprouts instead?

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"This game's not out-organize, out-clean and out-gather. It's Survivor!"—Albert, frustrated by Coach's "zombie" Edna
"I'm drinking the Coach Kool-Aid—slowly, with delicate, ginger sips."—Cochran, who will never be hired for a yoga instructional DVD
"You're going to be very, very late to a party where they're not even interested in letting you in the door."— Jeff chastising Cochran for not strategizing past seventh place 
"Rick isn't playing the game."—Whitney, referring to someone we've never heard of

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Who is this Rick guy? Will Coach's Zeus' pecking order continue, or will his tribemates plot against him? Does Ozzy really have a shot at rejoining the game? Sound off in the comments. 

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