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Once Upon A Time


This ain't yer mama's fluffy fairy-tale show.

In the last episode of ABC's awesome new drama Once Upon a Time, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother got killed off. 'Cause guess what? This series comes from a couple of Lost producers (see: tragedy, twists, turns and heartbreak), not Walt Disney (see: The Happiest Place on Earth). And Spoiler Alert: According to our sources, that's nothing compared to the huge, surprising death that's on the way!

So which character's gonna die? And when?

Sources confirm that there will be a death—one you'd never expect—before Once Upon a Time reaches episode 10.

We can't spill the whole enchilada, but let's just say it's someone whose full intentions and motivations have not yet been revealed.

According to sources, we may possibly see this actor in flashbacks, but they will no longer live in present-day Storybrooke. (Just like Fairy Godmother.)

Beyond that, here's the fun part (at least we think so): You get to play our Once Upon a Time Death Pool.

Find out the candidates and weigh in with your best guesses in our poll below. Then hit the comments with  theories.

If you play nice, we'll rule out an option or two for you in the next Spoiler Chat. (Assuming the Evil Queen doesn't get us first.)

UPDATE, 2:25 p.m.: Polls are back up. Go nuts!