Michael Jackson Bedroom

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

Fans of Michael Jackson can rest easy: The bed in which the singer died is no long up for sale.

The controversial auction item was yanked after the Jackson estate asked the auction house to pull it, a spokesperson for Julien's Auctions confirmed to E! News.

While previous reports had stated that the entire bed was to be sold, the rep said mattresses from the late King of Pop's bed were never part of the auction since they had been taken away as evidence when he died.

The headboard, however, was for sale, and has since been removed from the auction.

Just last week when plans for the estate auction were revealed, Julien's Auctions founder Darren Julien told us the bed's bid price would start around $3,000-5,000 depending on the demand for it. 

But don't worry: The auction still includes items such as paintings by Maurice Utrillo and Henri Rosseau and a kitchen chalkboard with a handwritten note on it will still be available though when the auction begins Dec. 17. 

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury 

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