SURVIVOR SOUTH PACIFIC, Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson

Monty Brinton/CBS

Forget an Immunity Idol. What Survivor: South Pacific's scandalous resident cuckold-maker Whitney Duncan really needs to get her hands on is divorce papers.

And she's nearly (albeit still not) there. Where's a redemption island when you really need one?

E! News confirms that Duncan—whose secret marriage to Nashville musician Donny Fallgatter shockingly came to light last week in the wake of her carrying on an onscreen love affair with fellow castaway Keith Tollefson—can almost officially call time on her 15-month union.

The duo's divorce was heard and granted on Nov. 8 in Hickman County's Chancery Court, but won't be officially entered on record until the final paperwork is signed off and returned by the judge.

At which point, Duncan will finally be a single woman.

The divorce revelation—much like last week's marriage revelation—comes as something of a surprise, as rumors had been swirling that the Survivor star was possibly already divorced (nope, as it turns out).

Of course, it's not as though she has a history of being honest about her relationship status. While she married Fallgatter on Aug. 1, 2010 after just two months of dating, the duo kept that fact secret even from family, choosing instead, per People, to announce simply that they had gotten engaged.

Red flag No. 1, you might say.

Cut to last May, when Duncan left for Survivor, and quickly took up with her fellow castaway, with their relationship aired for all the reality-watching nation to witness.

Still, a few mysteries remain in this ever-complicated scandal, and we'll have to wait until the divorce documents are made public to solve it: what, oh what, did she list as her date of separation? And cause of the split?

If it's before she left for Survivor, the girl deserves some credit for not being the adulterer she's been reported as being; if it's after, well, three strikes and she's out.

—Reporting by Baker Machado

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