Pippa Middleton, George Percy


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Last week, British tabloids exploded with news that Pippa Middleton's one-and-a-half year relationship with Alex Loudon was over.

Since then, Kate Middleton's little sis has been doing an admirable job keeping a low profile (supposedly—and take this with a silo of salt—at the behest of none other than Clarence House). In fact, the party girl has even gone so far as canceling on a charity ball—and we know how she loves those!—scheduled for next week.

But now, word is spreading that Pippa isn't just sitting idly by waiting for the media storm to die down. No, rumor has it she's been keeping some very interesting and not unfamiliar company while staying under the paparazzi's radar…

Her ex-boyfriend's!

A spokesman for London's Square Mile Masked Ball, an annual high-society do, confirmed to E! News that Pippa was initially due to attend the event scheduled for Nov. 25 but has backed out in a bid to avoid the spotlight that inevitably follows her every move.

Guess she just isn't in the partying mood. So what will she be doing with her new free time?

Well, according to the Daily Mail (here's hoping you kept some of that salt handy), Pippa took off for a long weekend at the country estate of good pal and dependable shoulder to cry on George Percy.

Yes, that's the same George Percy who was there for Pippa when she and Alex briefly separated over the summer, the same George Percy she used to date, and the same George Percy who happens to be Earl Percy, son of the 12th Duke of Northumberland whose wealth, by all accounts, puts that of the royal family to shame.

Just saying.

The duo, along with a small group of friends, reportedly spent three days last week bird hunting and even attending a church service in the country.

That's one way to get over a broken heart.

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