Amy Adams, Aviana Le Gallo

EVGA/GSI Media, Disney

Oh, to be Amy Adams!

Not only was the wonderful actress nominated for an Oscar this year, but she also recently worked with Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in On The Road.

And now...

She's about to hit theaters in The Muppets while still filming the new Superman flick. Yeah, she's Lois Lane.

"It's amazing," Adams told me on the red green carpet at the Muppets premiere in Hollywood. "Between the Muppets and doing Man of Steel, I'm living every childhood fantasy I've ever had."

And guess who's got a little crush on the newest character to join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang? Adams' 19-month-old daughter Aviana!

"She hasn't seen the movie yet, but she's met the Muppets," Adams smiled. "She's obsessed with Walter."

She laughed about a possible love connection, "Well, you know, they are about the same size."

Adams, like everyone else I spoke to from the movie, won't talk sequel...yet.

"I don't like to jinx anything so let's get through this for now and get people to fall in love with the Muppets again," she said.

Jason Segel, who cowrote, produced and costars in the movie, said, "I'm very superstitious, so I want to see how it goes but my goal was to set the stage for the Muppets to come back in a very big way.

"My dream when I was a kid was to do like a cameo in a Muppets movie," the How I Met Your Mother funnyman added. "The idea of writing it and producing it is just unreal and I feel very lucky to be here."

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