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    New Footage From The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Revealed—Rooney Mara Is One Bad Be-yotch

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    Our first look at The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer already had us itching to see this flick. 

    And now? Extra footage just released does not disappoint and brings even more of that badass touch we love. 

    Check it out but tread carefully, ‘cause this latest look may have you saying Kristen Stewart, who?

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    OK, maybe not for all you Twi-hards, but you must admit, the movie looks totally badass. 

    And the more we see of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander, the more we love this tough chick.

    Between the goth plugs, jet-black Mohawk and gaunt face, Mara perfectly embodies Salander and totally gets how to play the disturbed gal. 

    And while fans of the novels are already familiar with the über-complicated plot, this footage gives us an even better sneak peek into the relaysh between Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, played by Daniel Craig, as they seek to solve a murder by utilizing their unconventional partnership. 

    And when Mr. Blomkvist needs an assistant to help him uncover a killer, Salander delivers. And Rooney Mara plays it perfectly—part-genius, part totally disturbed, this chick brings the real mystery to the big screen. 

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    Case in point?

    When asked, "Why would a young lady like you want to know about such an awful murder?"

    Mara simply declares, "It interests me."

    One très cool be-yotch we can't wait to see.

    Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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