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    Nick Cannon Didn't Really Kill a Dog, but PETA Really Didn't Get the Joke

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    Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent
    Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent Trae Patton/NBC

    Too bad no one took the buzzer to Nick Cannon's prank before he put it into action.

    The America's Got Talent host encouraged the wrath of listeners and PETA yesterday after an ill-conceived hoax—about tying a bunch of a balloons to a dog to get it to float—went on for way too long during his morning radio show on New York's 92.3 NOW FM.

    Nick, it's not funny if no one gets the joke. And then you go off on a confusing Twitter rant.

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    "I think I might be getting fired," Cannon tweeted after saying on the air that he had tied 50 balloons to his cohost's Pomeranian while pet-sitting to see how high it could float.

    " @923nowfm boss just told me PETA is on the phone. #DAMN," the married father of twins continued. "Radio bit gone seriously wrong" @923Nowfm ... Probably won't have a job in the morning...@923nowfm People are acting like I'm Mike Vick. I apologize. Now get over it ...They are saying the program director, my producer and I are getting arrested. This can't be serious."

    See, what Cannon was actually doing on the air was giving away Katy Perry concert tickets! It all makes perfect sense, really, because he was joking that the lucky fan who caught the dog would get the tickets that were supposedly floating along with it.


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        "This whole thing was my producer @notsam idea," Cannon continued, taking the ball and running way down field with it. "If you have a problem with it hit him directly. I was just instructed what to do by him. "@Notsam you and this dog thing have got me in a lot of mess. I knew I should've never listened to you #radiogeniusmyass @Notsam what do you have to say for yourself? The people want answers!!!

        "My Lawyer just told me to stop tweeting #NOBODYLOVESME...People really believed I would tie balloons to an animal and try to fly it!!!! I love dogs! I have 7 of my own!...Charli Roo is safe and sound w/ @SarahLeeGETIT. A prank gone wrong! @notsam isn't really my producer. He's my boy from Opie and Anthony. I just wanted y'all to bug him. Know they will rip me apart tomorrow. Even if someone was dumb enough to try the balloon stunt scientifically it wouldn't work! #think."

        Later, Cannon tweeted that all was right with both the radio station and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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        "PETA did hear about the story yesterday and got in touch with Cannon's reps who confirmed that no live animals were used in the prank," a PETA rep told E! News Friday.

        PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement: "If bad taste were a crime, we'd be going to jail with Nick, but joking about killing a dog, a kid, an old person—anyone—isn't cool when there's always the danger that some numbskull will do it for real. Had it been true, Nick would have PETA to worry about—and that's far worse than going to Rikers Island."

        Maybe Cannon should just have a timeout for now.

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