Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber's been caught with his pants down. And we're not talking about his baby-daddy scandal.

The "Mistletoe" singer, who's currently fight against accusations he's the father of a fan's baby, almost suffered a major embarassment in Paris as his pants fell victim to gravity and a lack of a belt while he was strolling with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

So what did the Biebs do about his pants heading south?

He just kept walking.

The singer was surrounded by so much security on his way to a lunch date with Gomez (the couple seem to be going strong despite Beiber's scandal), he kept his arm wrapped around her while the duo fought the crowds.

His jeans managed to stay up, even though they landed right below his bum. And for those keeping score at home: Justin apparently favors gray boxer briefs.

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