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Prince William and Kate Middleton may be facing some serious time apart next year, but right now, they're all about the togetherness.

The royal newlyweds logged some quality time with both each other and some fellow do-gooders by turning up the glam and hosting yet another black-tie reception and dinner at St. James's Palace Thursday night.

So what was the cause du jour for these big-hearted royals?

Something very close to their hearts: this time, the duo joined their considerable forces in hopes of gaining more supporters (and, of course, funds) for something called the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal.

It should come as no surprise that Will, an RAF pilot, is a patron of the movement, which is the force behind the Armed Forces Memorial, which honors those British soldiers who have died either in action or as a result of terrorism since the Second World War

Since 1997, the names of fallen soldiers have been added to an engraved memorial at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire, England, and this year, two of Wills' comrades are set to be added to the list.

Prior to tonight's reception, which was attended by both society types and bold-named Brits, Will gave a speech to those present paying tribute to his fellow servicepeople, and spoke of the gratitude he felt to those whose lives have been sacrificed.

As per usual, Kate did not make any public comments at the event, but did graciously and expertly make the rounds (all while wearing a stunning gown, naturally).

The couple is spearheading an effort to raise the millions of pounds necessary to create a remembrance and learning center on the site for visitors and mourners to the arboretum.

Will became a patron of the cause back in 2009, when he was granted a private tour of the Staffordshire arboretum to pay tribute to his friends who were sadly killed in action.

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