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    Hollywood's Hottest Body Parts Winner! The Star With the Best Package Is…

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    Ryan Reynolds, Mila Kunis
    Ryan Reynolds, Mila Kunis Jason Merritt/Getty Images; KYLE ROVER/startraksphoto.com

    And we have a very (very, very) sexy winner.

    It seems like forever ago that we asked you to start picking and choosing which celebs had the best butts, boobs, legs and lips. And once we had the best of the best, we squared 'em against each other to find out who really had the whole package.

    Well, über hotties Ryan Reynolds and Mila Kunis competed for the honor and...

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    Mila Kunis Donato Sardella/Getty Images

    Mila came out the clear victor.

    Mila started off the competition by nabbing the title of Best Eyes, trumping hunks like Bradley Cooper and Alex Pettyfer. And from there it was smooth sailing to the top spot—as M.K. easily knocked out babes like Cheryl and abtastic Joe Manganiello along the way.

    Heck, even Reynolds and his superhero six-pack—who managed to knock Edward Cullen's real-life alter ego Robert Pattinson out of the competition twice—couldn't stand up to the hotness that is Ms. Kunis.

    It was close, though. The votes were nearly split, with Mila nabbing just a few percentage points more than her muscley competitor.

    So there you have it:

    She's smart, she's funny, and she's damn good at shutting people up with her quick Russian wit. But none of that nabbed her this honor. It's all about her killer legs, gorgeous locks and, of course, those killer eyes.

    Now drool away—she's earned it, after all.

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