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Will Kristin Chenoweth Ever Return to Glee? Plus, Scoop on Her New Show GCB!

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Oh, April Rhodes, we miss your drunken crazy antics so!

We recently caught up with the woman herself, Kristin Chenoweth to chat all about her delicious new new drama for ABC, GCB, which is premiering at midseason.

But first, with Chenoweth's former Wicked costar Idina Menzel making her return to Glee this season, we just had to ask whether the petite blonde would be back herself...

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Get ready for your phone to ring, Ryan Murphy, because Chenoweth is calling you out!

"Oh, I hope I'm back on Glee! Someone tell Ryan Murphy to write [my character] back [on the show]," the Tony winner tells us. "I'm shooting this show for ABC, but if he ever writes for April, I'm there."

And why wouldn't she be? In just a few appearances, April joined New Directions, owned a roller rink, put on the first performance of The Wiz starring an all-white cast and made it to Broadway! "She's a drunk hot mess has-been! I don't know why he thought of me, but she's very fun to play," Chenoweth says with a laugh. "She likes Franzia out of a box, what can I say?"

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For now, Chenoweth is spending her time at GCB (formerly Good Christian Belles) as religious mean girl Carlene Cockburn along with Leslie Bibb, Annie Potts, Jennifer Aspen and Marisol Nichols.

"I got the script last year and I thought, 'This is pretty funny,'" she says. "It's about five women who grew up together in the Bible Belt and how they deal with each other and their demons. I love it because it shows faith in a very human way."

While religion is a huge part of the show (hello, just look at its original title!), Chenoweth assures us that GCB finds a middle ground between preachy and jokey. "I wouldn't say it makes fun of religion. I wouldn't be a part of it if it did, but it certainly has fun with it."

To hear more from Chenoweth, like how he manages to always have that beautiful smile on her face, watch our video interview with her above and then head on over to the comments to tell us if you'd like to see April Rhodes make her glorious return to McKinley High! Also, will you be checking out GCB? Sound off in the comments!

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