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Backstage at DWTS: Who Is the Lock to Win? And Why Is Nancy Grace Plotting Len's "Murder"?

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Nancy Grace, Tristan MacManus, Dancing with the Stars, DWTS
Nancy Grace, Tristan MacManus, Dancing with the Stars, DWTS ABC/ADAM TAYLOR

Len, buddy, you better watch yo back.

Backstage tonight at Dancing With the Stars, Nancy Grace had a few choice words about a certain not-so-kind judge and what comes next for her, after getting the boot off the show...

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"I'm working on a new book idea called Murder on the Dance Floor about a reality show," Nancy told us. "I predict a particular judge who sits in the middle is gonna go first!"

Guess she didn't take Len's harsh critique last night too well. Regardless, Nancy said she's walking away with her head held high. "What can you be sad about?" she mused. "We've made it so far. I mean. Come on. Who's going to knock off J.R. [Martinez]? Nobody!"

Yep, it seems that most of the contestants believe J.R. is already a lock to win, and J.R. himself is, well, hoping his body holds up long enough to take home that mirror-ball trophy.

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"We are exhausted," J.R. (who received a percent score last night) admitted to us. "The body is like 'Ugh!' But the mind is like 'OK, two more weeks, two more weeks.' My body's telling me no but my mind my mind is telling me yes." Hmph. Something tells us the latter will win out.

Also tonight, Travis Payne (Michael Jackson's choreographer) was on hand to promote Cirque du Soleil's M.J. tribute show, Immortal, and gave us his thoughts on Conrad Murray's guilty verdict yesterday. "I think justice was served," Payne said, "but it doesn't bring Michael back. It's still bittersweet—the whole experience has been [bittersweet] with This Is It. I'm glad people embraced it so well, but we don't get him back. I'm glad that people are embracing Cirque du Soleil's Immortal tour in his honor, but we don't get him back. It's still a hard road to travel, but it's moments like this that make it a little easier."

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Do you agree with Nancy that J.R. is a lock to win? Sound off in the comments!

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