Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson


The verdict is in!

Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Shocked? (Maybe just Nancy Grace is.)

There's little question that celebrities are overprescribed drugs by rule-bending doctors all the time. Heck we can even say daily, but will the guilty verdict make the Hollywood docs take a second look at their prescription pads?

We say no, but hell, maybe Murray's conviction will lend at least a slight chill to physicians who like to cater to celebs' every drug whim?

Dr. Murray surely wasn't the first to give Michael Jackson drugs, but the People proved that he was the last. And now that doc's behind bars awaiting his sentencing later this month.

So we have to ask, will the case of Michael Jackson change the way doctors in Hollywood over drug their wealthy patients? 

Tell us what you think! Plug in your vote below and sound off in the comments.

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Was Conrad Murray the last doctor to dole out a lethal dosage?
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