Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara


Dear Ted:
I am so confused. What is going with the photos of Ryan Gosling hand feeding Rooney Mara this weekend? I know they are shooting a movie together, but those photos were not from the set; they were from a concert. What happened to Eva Mendes?

Dear Nothing Confusing About It:
You're not confused, but I think you are getting it a little mixed up. They were shooting at a film festival in Austin, Texas, hence the concert. But I totally know what you are thinking. Ry Gos isn't exactly a virgin when it comes to dating his costars, and let's face it, Rooney Mara is one hot chick. If I were Ryan I think I would jump ship, too. Sorry Eva, but it looks like you may be a thing of the past?

Dear Ted:
Do you have thoughts on the baby mama drama surrounding Justin Bieber?

Dear But of Course:
The story of whether or not Justin is backstage lothario is nowhere near ending. Upon his return from Europe, Bieber is planning on taking that paternity test, so sounds like he's pretty positive that he didn't father the baby. He's also been pretty outspoken about it. But Maria Yeater's lawyers are saying bring it, so they sound pretty positive that their client is telling the truth. Only time will tell in this drama. I hope he didn't father the baby, and bet Selena Gomez is hoping the same thing.

Dear Ted:

I have a funny feeling that now since Blake Lively is gone, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to get back together with boring Bar Refaeli. Only god knows how many times they've been on and off. I actually wished Gisele Bündchen wasn't married with children because I think Leo seemed the happiest with her. They were hot together and she is the only girl he walked the red carpet with and was affectionate with since his Titanic days. What happened between them? Was it the ol' she wanted to get married and start a family?
Forever stuck in 2005

Dear On-Again:
Leo certainly loves his models, there is no doubt about that. Gisele certainly settled down after she and Leo ended their relaysh, so maybe that had to do with the breakup. Since Blake, Leo has been having some fun with his usual type Down Under and no one is shocked. I suspect Leo will keep bedding models, and who knows, Bar could be one of them soon.  

Dear Ted:
Since we keep hearing about the almost R rating for Breaking Dawn do you think there is any chance Summit will release an unrated version on DVD, or do you think our favorite Mormon Stephenie Meyer will nix that?

Dear Get Real:
This would never, ever happen.

Dear Ted:
Why did Johnny Simmons put the brakes on his relationship with Emma Watson? Rumor has it the publicity he was receiving tipped casting agents off to the fact he was in his mid-20s. Somewhat of a career killer when you make a living playing high school parts. Simmons' agents' phone stopped ringing and he has stopped being considered for teenager roles. He's going to be 26 this month. Emma has already moved on at Oxford and is dating openly. The promotion for Perks of Being a Wallflower this spring should be very interesting.

Dear Not So Fast:
I'm not sure where you are getting your info from, doll, but that is not at all what I'm hearing. Quite the opposite actually. First, Johnny is 24, turning 25 this month. And second, have you seen Glee? You think all those "kids" are high school age? Not even close. So the fact that you're hearing he's not getting parts because his age came out is bogus. Also, I think Emma is interested in keeping this relaysh moving forward.

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