Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

James Whatling / Splash News

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First she passes on peanut paste and now this?!

Whether intentionally or not, Kate Middleton is continuing to cause everyone to keep their eyes squarely focused on her belly for any sign of a bump.

So what gives?

Well, during her goodwill trip to Copenhagen last week with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge not only politely refused to sample the aforementioned food staple (you know, the kind that doctors often suggest pregnant women not partake in so as to avoid possible allergies) being sent to East Africa via UNICEF, but then she went and...wait for it...actually touched her tummy.


Yes, such speculation might be viewed by many as rather ridiculous. But, then again, we are talking about a possible heir to the throne here, so the heightened (OK, make that obsessive) interest is somewhat understandable.

Besides, who doesn't love babies, right?

A rep for the royal couple, meanwhile, tells E! News: "We do not comment on speculation about whether the Duchess is pregnant or not."

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