A decision has been made, Conrad Murray's fate all but sealed.

True to its word, the Los Angeles Superior Court has sounded the two-hour warning, alerting the media that the jury in the involuntary manslaugher trial of Michael Jackson has reached a verdict and we're live at the courthouse awaiting the decision, which will be read at 1 p.m. PT.

"Verdict is FINALLY IN!!! I'm on my way! I'm shaking uncontrollably!" La Toya Jackson tweeted just moments ago.

Not that it took long. The seven-man, five-woman jury only began their deliberations on Friday morning, the day after prosecutor David Walgren and Murray's defense team finally—after six weeks, 49 witnesses and countless objections—rested their cases.

Although we'll know the jurors' verdict soon, don't expect to hear a sentence.

Should the doctor be found guilty of the charge against him, he could face anything from probation time to four years in prison—both the prosecution and the defense would file recommendations to Judge Michael Pastor, though the decision is his alone to make.

In all likelihood, Murray will not actually go to prison, even if he does get a prison sentence, and will most likely serve any time given in county jail. House arrest is also a possibility, albeit one that would no doubt result in quite a tremendous outcry.

Technically, the judge has 20 days from the verdict announcement to sentence Murray, though that could be waived if his lawyers decide to appeal the decision and file a motion for a new trial.

Keep your eyes here as the whole thing unfolds live.

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