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    Bella and Edward Are "Over"! Bill Condon and Stephanie Meyer Talk the Real End of Twilight!

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    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1
    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1 Andrew Cooper, Summit Entertainment

    Holy Twilight! Breaking Dawn is drawing near, and no doubt Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) have one of the wackiest relationships ever played out onscreen:

    From being love-struck teens who go through a heart-wrenching breakup, a nasty Bella-seduction by Jacob's werewolf, a return by hunky Edward, a magical marriage, a bed-breaking honeymoon to the freakiest baby ever born, it seems their love could go on forever, right? And it should!

    Not so though, according the Twi powers that be director Bill Condon and creator Stephenie Meyer...

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    When we caught up with Meyer at the Breaking Dawn, Part One  press junket in Beverly Hills today, girl revealed, "I've thought about it. Obviously. People ask me about it a lot. There was a time when I thought I would never stop writing about vampires."

    So what does that mean for Bella and Edward, S.M.?

    "There's pieces of their stories written, there's all this stuff in my computer," Steph dished. "Ya know, who knows? I'm not going to say no. Right now, I really don't have much drive towards vampires…. Sometimes you just want to get into a new world."

    What?! No oomph to continue with vampires, Ms. M.? Now that Bella and Edward are no longer forever mooning over each other as kiddies, you've lost your touch for romantic torture?

    Even more disappointing for you Twi-hards, Condon echoed the same sentiments as Meyer, telling us that according to Steph, Bella and Edward are "over."

    "Especially movie two with the dozens of new vampires, they would always make there way up to her and say "So any plans from here?," Bill told us when we asked if he'd chitchatted with Steph about keeping the franchise alive. "I think as I understand it, this story as told from Bella, in her mind, is over. Whether she'll explore it from other points of view? I don't know."

    To be honest, we're not fully buying it. Also, keep in mind that the end of Bella and Edward does not mean the end of Robsten

    And we get it, Steph, you need time to regroup your romantic mojo. So stop teasing us with little tidbits like—in the same breath you dash our dreams—saying "The characters will always be alive to me."

    Take that time, babe. Then come up with a sequel Rob and Kristen can do in a dozen years or so—you know, as middle-aged parents!

    Robsten forever, right?

    —Additional reporting by Alyssa Toomey

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