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Let the record show that The X Factor is down with the young'uns!

Seriously, the contestants were name-dropping the hottest young celebs left and right backstage after tonight's live show and it seems like said hottest young celebs are returning the love!

So who is Jaden Smith itching to collaborate with? And which contestants are true Beliebers? Plus, who was Simon Cowell coaching to behave badly?!

Right after the performance, Jaden Smith tweeted me," Astro told us after the show. "He said we should collaborate!" True enough, Jaden did tweet Astro, saying, "Yo@astronomicalkid Your A Beast Dawg! I Love What Your Doing Me And You Need To Get Together Soon Stay Swag Hommie... #AstrosARealG #RealGs" Cuteness overload, no? And dare we imagine a collaboration with the two rappers and Jaden's sister Willow?!

Speaking of popular teens, Justin Bieber was also a topic of conversation...and disappointment?! See, Mr. Bieber performed at The X Factor's neighbor show Dancing With the Stars yesterday (the sets are right next-door) and 14-year-old Drew was hoping to meet him. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, with the young crooner saying, "Yesterday was the most disappointing day. I had my hopes up!" Still, there is a silver lining! "L.A. Reid said, 'I want it to be more of a special day for you," Drew says. "So I'm kind of wondering what that means, if I get to sing with him, I don't know!" 

Drew's fellow Belieber Rachel Crow also was hoping to meet the young star. "We were supposed to!" she says. "L.A. said!" Crow tells us she's holding Reid to that promise so we're thinking he's going to need to bring the Never Say Never star on the show or he is going to be dealing with some less-than-pleased teens.

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As for what you didn't see during the show...

"Here's the rule: there are no rules," Cowell told the live audience just before the show started. "You can be as badly behaved as you'd like." If you intended for your co-judges to hear that as well then wish granted, Cowell! During two different commercial breaks, Simon was sassed by Nicole Scherzinger and Reid for comments he made on the air.

"You know that comment where he said, 'Grown-ups are talking?'" Scherzinger asked the audience. "You guys didn't hear me. I said, 'Yeah, older grown-ups!" Zing! As for Reid, he called Simon out for saying he didn't realize how amazing Melanie Amaro was, saying, "You're still focused on Tia [Tolliver]!" Cowell must be toast 'cause he just got burned!

As for you fans of Scherzinger's music, she told the audience, "I do have an album coming out in a few months." Huzzah!

What did you think of tonight's show? Would you like to see Astro team up with Jaden Smith or see Drew and Rachel duet with the Biebs? Sound off in the comments!

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