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American Horror Story Redux: Hayden Wreaks Some Havoc! And Tate's True Colors Come Out

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Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story
Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story Ray Mickshaw / FX

Happy Halloween again, horror fans! Tonight was the second half of American Horror Story's spooky Halloween extravaganza, and it was all about finding out what Hayden (Kate Mara) was up to now, and finding out what Tate (Evan Peters) had been up to in the past.

All the secrets finally came out, so let's break down "Halloween, Part 2," and reveal some secrets of our own concerning what's ahead for the folks on AHS

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Hayden Be Crazy, Yo! We knew that already, but the whole putting-the-dog-in-the-microwave, stealing-Vivien's-bath (the nerve) and threatening-to-"cut out"-Vivien's-baby thing put her above and beyond a regular jilted ex. But her stalking Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivien (Connie Britton) made for the creepiest moments of the show, and we loved seeing Connie at her bitchiest. In the creepy basement, Hayden begged Ben to let his wife know the truth about everything. Larry (Denis O'Hare) decides to just hit him over the head with a shovel (he's really good at that), and while Ben lies unconscious and tied up, Hayden heads upstairs to "deal with" Vivien.

The ghost of Nora Montgomery (Lily Rabe) shows up to untie Ben so he can "save the baby," and he makes it upstairs just as Hayden is about to stab Vivien with a shard of glass. Ben ends up spilling everything to his wife: the affair, knocking up Hayden and the trip to the abortion clinic. He did leave out one thing, though: Hayden was once buried under their gazebo. Who else thinks that'll eventually come up? The hunky security guard bursts in and drags Hayden away, but she disappears from the backseat of his cop car because, duh, she's a ghost.

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Denis O'Hare, American Horror Story Ray Mickshaw / FX

Tate Has a Secret of His Own: Tate takes Violet (Taissa Farmiga) out for a little date on the beach, and they seemed to really be connecting. Until a group of teenagers who appear to be zombies (blood, wounds, etc.) show up to have a word with Tate. Apparently, they are pissed at him for something. Tate swears he doesn't know who they are, but they keep popping up to haunt him. So they're ghosts of Tate's past, basically. Finally, it's revealed what Tate did to them: the school shooting fantasy from the pilot? Maybe not a fantasy. Sounds like Tate actually did shoot up a school in the past. One of the ghosts tells Tate that she should be 34 with kids by now. Does that make Tate a ghost since he's still a teenager? And why can't he remember doing that when these ghosts clearly remember every detail? The good news is that Ashley Rickards, who plays one of the ghosts, is scheduled to appear in more episodes, so hopefully they'll all be back to give us more answers.

Well, one thing we did find out for sure about Tate: He is Constance's (Jessica Lange) son, which she tells Violet later on while blaming her for Addie's death. She also makes Violet swear to not tell Tate about the death of his sister because it would destroy him. By the end of the episode, the ghosts of the house all return to their stomping grounds, right as the sun is coming up. Just another evening with the Harmon family.

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  • What will Vivien do now that she knows the truth about Ben?
  • Is Hayden going to continue to torment the Harmons?
  • Seriously, what's the deal with Vivien and the security guard?
  • Why can't Tate remember his past?


More Quinto for Everyone: He really lost it in this episode, but we saw him and his boyfriend coming back to the house at the end of the ep, so we know he's going to be around for a bit longer. Which makes everybody happy. We hear he'll be playing a much bigger part in the Harmons' path to uncovering the secrets of the house, plus Chad (Zachary Quinto) has other pals who will come around for a visit.

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Meet Larry's Family: Or at least his daughters. You remember that Larry's loved ones were also victims of the house, right? They'll be coming around again soon.

Legal Troubles: There are some AHS fans who have this theory that it was Constance who ran her daughter over in last week's episode. Now we're not confirming or denying that, but this scrap of casting might sway you one way: AHS is looking for someone to play Constance's appointed attorney. Of course, there are tons of legal issues Constance could find herself involved with, so we're just spitballin'.

Well, what did everyone think of "Part 2"? Do you guys have answers to our burning questions? Head down below for some speculating, and we'll see you next week for more AHS!

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