Harry Shum Jr.


Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

For Harry Shum Jr., going green is definitely something to be gleeful about.

The Glee star does a lot more to be eco-friendly than just recycle.

In fact...

"I drive a scooter as well, so that gets me so much mileage when I fill up," Shum tells us.

"It's like eight bucks and I do it once a month," he said. "So that to me is one of the pleasures of having a scooter, because I get to save on gas and not put the emissions into the air."

But for all those Gleeks out there who prefer cars to scooters, at least make it a fuel-efficient hybrid. Hot Hollywood stars like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adrien Grenier and Julie Bowen are just a few of the celebs who the drive eco-friendly Prius.

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