Marie Osmond

David Becker/Getty Images

A quick bout with bronchitis isn't going to stop Marie Osmond.

The 52-year-old singer was back on the stage less than 24 hours after she was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital Wednesday night and said she feels "great."

"I'm fine," Osmond told People. "I had a cough. I'm doing really well. It was a big deal that was made from nothing. I feel great."

Osmond was hospitalized after complaining of tightness in her lungs, but was released just hours later and went on to perform a full 90-minute show that night.

And speaking of that big media fuss, Osmond made sure to lightheartedly fire back at reports that said her condition was much worse (in a coma, for example).

"Gotta get ready for the show," Osmond tweeted Saturday night. "Hey, what's everyone gonna be for Halloween? I'm going as Coma-Roma, the most lively unconscious lady. LOL ;)".

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