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    Kris Humphries Gets Scammed by Wedding Guest

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    Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries
    Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Flynetpictures.com

    It's safe to say this was not the wedding gift Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wanted.

    The New Jersey Nets baller believes that one of the couple's wedding guests, Andrey C. Hicks, scammed him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with a fraudulent investment scheme.

    So, what went down? 

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    Hicks, a Boston-area money manager, allegedly solicited individuals (like Humphries) to invest $1.7 million collectively in a purported billion-dollar hedge fund called Locust Offshore Fund Ltd., and made several false representations of himself and his business in the process, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The wedding guest turned alleged scammer told investors he had obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University, that he previously worked for Barclays Capital and that the hedge fund held more than $1.2 billion—all of which were untrue.

    But the falsehoods didn't stop there. 

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    Although Hicks had only attended Harvard for three semesters, (he was required to withdraw for failing to perform academically twice) according to the SEC's complaint, Hicks and his firm told investors that the firm's quantitative strategies were based on mathematical models that Hicks learned while at Harvard.

    Did we mention he only took one math course while attending the university? 

    "Hicks lied to investors about virtually every aspect of his fictitious hedge fund," said David P. Bergers, director of the SEC's Boston Regional Office. "This brazen web of lies to investors constituted an outright fraud." 

    As for Humphries, the NBA star's rep tells E! News, "Kris Humphries is a victim of an investment fraud. He is working with law enforcement authorities and will not have any further comment until the matter is resolved."

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    No word just yet on how much Humphries invested in the fund, but a temporary restraining order has been issued against Hicks and his firm, freezing their assets as well as those of the hedge fund.

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