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Dear Ted:
I want to pose another casting choice for the Grace Kelly bio. Who better than the gorgeous, sweet, and über-talented Dianna Agron? To me, she is the epitome of old school classic Hollywood, in both looks and demeanor. She definitely could bring out that grace and vulnerability that I see in Ms. Kelly. I think this would be the breakout role that could launch Dianna to A-list stardom and to all of the Hollywood bigwigs. Any thoughts?

Dear Glammed Out Gleek:
Not a terrible idea, Lizzy. Di does need a post-Glee gig now more than ever, and this might be a better choice than I Am Number 4—Part 2. But I'm still sticking to my guns no matter how much you all bitch at me: it should be Blake Lively. She's so much like Grace Kelly. Well, the real Grace Kelly, at least.

Dear Ted:
I think you dropped that hint about Christina Ricci to throw us off. I don't think she is Barbie Sinatra at all. My guess is Mary Louise Parker. Am I right? P.S. Love your Blind Vices, so much fun, keep them coming!
—Can't Be Fooled

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Dear Up in Smoke:
Sorry, babe, but looks like you can indeed be fooled. And you were. 'Cause while MLP dabbles in drugs on the boob tube, she's not snorting her way to TV oblivion in her off time. Think more mainstream for Ms. Sinatra.

Dear Ted:
I need a Tom Hardy fix pronto! Does he have a current Vice? This man is so delicious it's ridiculous! What makes me love him even more is his tremendous talent. He also comes across as very grounded and humble. Nothing hotter than a reformed bad boy 'cause you know there always a little badness left (wouldn't have it any other way).

Dear Hard for Hardy:
Sadly, I think most of the bad boy has been "reformed" out of him. That or he's just too afraid to let his freak flag fly these days. Which is part of the reason he isn't a current Vicer. Still love him though—you have one thing right, he's a nice enough guy.

Dear Ted:
I love ya bro, but take a seat and we'll go over this again. Lindsay Lohan does not need to be encouraged to continue her tragically shredded career. She needs to be steered away from anything connected with celebrity. Yes, she was an exceptional child actress, but to put her even marginally in the same sphere as Helen Mirren and Ms. Meryl Streep, who both continue to bring honor to my profession, is an egregious sin. Please let this ill-parented young woman be lovingly taken to a place where she can taken off drugs, parties, booze and kept away from her toxic friends and relatives. I truly say this out of love for her.

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Dear LiLost and Found:
I want Lindsay back on track as much as you do, doll. And I think she definitely need to do that—not pose for Playboy in between courthouse appearances—before she'll make it back on the big screen. But she's a talented chick, somewhere beneath all the nonsense.

Dear Ted:
OK, seriously, stop the evading and just be blunt here. Give a clue as to what Ian Somerhalder's Vice is. I, along with many other girls, need to know that it doesn't have to do with sexual preference.

Dear Here's Your Hint:
He Vices with a costar. But that's all you're getting, you greedy gal. Maybe if you ask nicely I'll tell you which costar.

Dear Ted:
Trixie Twinkle-Twat
got me thinking about a celebrity I've long wondered about. You've outed her as not Ms. Twat but what is the story with Julie Bowen? Is she as wacky as she seems in interviews? I swear I even heard her say one time that she almost trapped her kid in the oven. I'm thinking she's a BV. Wacky, hyper, and way too skinny for a mom of 3 without having some type of Angelina Jolie diet going on there. Am I right? Has to be some skeletons in that closet!

Dear Family Values:
So you can't be a little cuckoo without keeping secrets these days? Well Jules doesn't have a Vice, babe, she's just a carefree kinda gal who likes to have a good time. Maybe sometimes too good a time.

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