Guess Who

Ron Asadorian/Splash

Talk about priceless.

With just one look, this little guy quickly managed to steal the spotlight from his parents yesterday.

While we have no idea what caused such a fabulous facial expression in the first place, it made us smile nonetheless.

So, who is this tiny dancer tyke?

Elton John, David Furnish, Zachary John Furnish

Ron Asadorian/Splash

It's Elton John and David Furnish's son, Zachary!

The couple's 10-month-old boy not only killed us with cuteness by mugging for the camera as the trio strolled out of their New York City hotel, but he also impressed us with his sense of style as well.

Love the hat, kid!

Then again, papa Elton has certainly been around the wardrobe block once or twice himself.

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