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    Can Twilight's Tot Compete With Hollywood's Freakiest Babies?!

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    Freaky Babies, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn
    Freaky Babies, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Universal Studios; 20th Century Fox; Summit Entertainment

    Alright all you Twi-hard fans, we are now officially only two weeks away from the Breaking Dawn premiere.

    Last week, we covered how an undead bloodsucker like Edward Cullen gets it up for, ya know, the Brazilian honeymoon biz (don't tell us you never thought about that yourself). And what comes after one roll in the hay? A baby, duh! 

    And what better way to congratulate the new parents Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—uh, we mean Bella and Edward—on their supernatural newborn than by counting down the most fabulously freaky babies of all time:

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    1. A Chip Off The Old Satan: Rosemary's Baby

    First up on the dribble list is Rosemary's Baby. This is a horror movie classic that doesn't disappoint. It turns out Mia Farrow wasn't just a paranoid head case with a dubious one night stand, after all. Can't get much freakier than the Son of Satan, now can you? We didn't think so.

    2. Babies Don't Grind: The Dancing Baby

    Remember The Dancing Baby, that creepy, weird, 3-D model of the baby that was one of the first videos ever to go viral? If you missed out on all that old-schooly Information Superhighway fun, this was also the baby from Ally McBeal, the one that made Calista Flockhart and her mini skirts crazy! We can totally see why. Random daydreams shouldn't contain this freak show.

    3. Little Bundle of Terror: Zombie Baby

    And the baby we would never recommend breastfeeding? How about the zombie baby from Dawn of the Dead? Like its eyes weren't devilish enough. Remember hearing it getting shot? Well how's that for a feel good? Yikes!

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    4. You Kiss Your Mom with That Mouth: Baby Julie

    Rosanne Barr
    , now if the mere mention of that name doesn't freak you out, we don't know what will. Look Who's Talking Too, cute sweet baby Julie was voiced by this very comic legend turned nut farmer. The brass, crass sound of her voice will send chills down anyone's spine. Poor Julie!

    5. Born From a Dude! Baby Alien

    We could never leave out the Alien baby. If this didn't give you nightmares we think you need to check for freak-o-meter! What in this world could be any worse than a hungry, ready-to-destroy-the-world alien coming right through your rib cage? Seriously? Like heartburn on crack, not to mention instantaneous death at childbirth.

    6. Sink Your Teeth Into This: Edward and Bella's Babe

    Last? Well only the most anticipated baby of all time (well maybe more like the last few years) that's sure to be freaky: Renesmee Cullen!

    The baby is Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's half human/half vampire little pile of joy. While we haven't seen the actual scenes yet (obvi) we have seen shots of baby momma gripping her tummy. If you've read the book, and we know you have, the pregnancy contains a little more than your normal morning sickness. So while we haven't laid eyes on this creature yet, we know we are in for a freaky treat!

    So, who do you think the freakiest baby of all time is? Start spittin'!

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