Amid all the uproar following Ricky Gervais' turn as host of the Golden Globes earlier this year, no one bothered to ask Johnny Depp what he thought of the controversy.

Maybe someone should have, because it turns out that the seemingly laid-back Depp has been harboring quite a bit of animosity toward the British snarkmeister, all thanks to Gervais' crack about...

The Tourist, right?

Um, no, actually...

In a scene from the British sitcom Life's Too Short, starring Warwick Davis as the head of a talent agency for little people, Davis brings Depp into a meeting with Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Right off the bat, Depp shows he's familiar with Gervais by knocking off his cigarette ash into the Brit's water glass.

"I actually remember him from the Golden Globes," Depp says, settling back into his chair with a smug grin.

"How's it going?" Gervais asks awkwardly.

"I'm fine, man," Depp replies, staring him down. "Just doing another film that's going to make loads of money, probably a lot more money than any film you've ever made. And you?"

(Hey, if Eddie Murphy can't host the Oscars for any reason, maybe Depp wants the job. Check out the comedic timing on this guy!)

Not one to be out-ego'd, Gervais replies, "Just writing—I write and direct all my own stuff."

"How great for you," Depp deadpans. He continues to try to one-up the Extras star, talking about his "brilliant" new film with Tim Burton and how his leading lady, Helena Bonham Carter, thinks Gervais is an idiot.

But though the seeming premise here is that Gervais dissed Depp's film, which was inexplicably nominated for multiple Golden Globes in January, and Depp is supposedly still licking his wounds...that's not quite the case.

"I actually got together with a few pals after the awards, and we wrote some jokes about you," Depp informs his nemesis. "I want you to know this and I want you to carry this with you for the rest of your days: No one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch."

Who's the last man standing now?!

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