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Sure, Madonna may have spent the past week getting booed by British moviegoers and having her homeless brother cast public doubt on just how generous of spirit she is, but here's that ray of light she's been waiting for: the man who twice broke into her England home, put on ex hubby Guy Ritchie's clothes and uber-creepily slept in her bed has been ordered to indefinite detention in a psychiatric hospital.

But not before Madonna issued a victim impact statement to the court. And if you thought nothing could faze the singer, well, prepare to be proved wrong.

"I do not know the defendant, I've not had any form of relationship with the defendant nor have I had any form of contact by phone or by email, or by any other way, with the defendant," she said in her statement of 30-year-old Polish man Grzegorz Matlok.

"In particular, I've never given the defendant permission to enter the premises or any of my other premises. It is extremely unsettling to know that, despite the extensive security I have, he has been able to break into two of my residential properties.

"I'm worried about my children's safety as well as the safety of my staff."

Madonna also said that she was "alarmed and distressed" by Matlok in her statement, which was read out in Southwark Crown Court. Afterwards, a psychiatrist noted that Matlok suffered from schizophrenia and "delusions that Madonna loved him."

Back in March, Matlok broke into her home by smashing a window and then using a rope and scaffolding to enter the property from a second floor balcony. He rifled through her clothes (it was a year earlier that he'd tried on those of Ritchie), and took a can of Red Bull from her fridge before he was found. It was discovered that he had brought a map of the area with a large "M" scrawled over her home, and a bag that contained nail scissors, a safety knife, his passport and a plane ticket (despite his being deported earlier).

While in police custody, he said that Madonna had given him permission to stay at her house.

Judge Deborah Taylor ordered him to psychiatric detention in part to ensure that his schizophrenia is properly treated and medicated.

"It is the view of the doctors that if you fail to take medication, you pose a risk to Madonne Ciccone of real harm," she said.

Matlok has also been ordered to stay at least 100 meters away from any of the singer's properties.

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