Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper

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It's been quite the year for Jennifer Lopez

Between her nasty divorce and rumor-fueled relaysh, the gal definitely deserves a smoking-hot rebound like rumored fling Bradley Cooper

Problem is, we're worried Cooper may not be the perfect gentleman for Miss Lopez. Behind those deep blue eyes, dude can be a heart breaker. 

So are the rumored couple meant to be, or should Jenny take a walk down a different block? And what do Jenny's friends have to say?

"Are you kidding?" asked one close chum to the American Idol star, "Anybody would be an improvement after [Marc Anthony]. He did not treat her well."

OK, we get that. But is Bradley good for Jennifer?

"For now," the friend told us.

If you ask us, we also say Cooper's a fine choice—but only for the immediate future. 

After all, dude is known for his gentlemanly ways, something Jen definitely needs after insecure Marc reportedly couldn't handle Jen's success. 

No doubt, J.Lo is a bit of a hopeless romantic (she's has been married three times), and her emotional performance over the weekend and tribute to her lost loves proves the gal is still down from the split. 

And while Us Weekly reports Bradley is pursuing Jen like crazy, we're worried the Limitless star may reach his limit with Lopez—after all, his career is what reportedly put an end to his relaysh with Renée Zellweger, and we certainly know J.Lo won't take a backseat to any man's career. 

So for now, Cooper does seem a fine, and most importantly, a safe choice for Jen, but whom should she go for when this romance fizzles?

Last time we checked, you all had some interesting choices for J.Lo, namely Alex Rodriguez, Eva Longoria and Lopez's smoldering video costar, William Levy, who's currently single and getting super sweaty and toned in the new man-candy flick Magic Mike.

Well, Jennifer, we still think this is a super-hot (and smart) suggestion!

How about it, babe?

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