Zachary Quinto, Margin Call

JOJO WHILDEN/Roadside Attractions

One week after he came out as a gay man, Zachary Quinto came out again—in movie theaters, as the actor himself put it in a tweet.

And if the question was (and it always is) would the career survive, then the answer from the multiplex was yes.

Sorry, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom and David Boreanaz.

Yes, in its opening weekend, Quinto's Margin Call, a low-budget ensemble drama about the plundering of Wall Street, out-earned, theater for theater, Jackman's Real Steel, Bloom's Three Musketeers, Boreanaz's The Mighty Macs, and all but three other films, Box Office Mojo stats showed.

Playing at 56 locations, Margin Call grossed $582,000, for a flush $10,393 per-screen average.

The Mighty Macs, another indie movie, by comparison, averaged less than $1,100 at each of its screens.

Margin Call also showed lots more muscle than Quinto's last film prior to opening up about his romantic life, the Anna Faris-Chris Evans comedy, What's Your Number?

So, go ahead, the numbers will back you up: Start the rumor that coming out actually made Quinto a bigger box-office star. 

Granted, he's still no Elizabeth Olsen, she of the weekend-best-averaging Martha Marcy May Marlene.

But then again being gay is arguably not nearly as novel as being the critically acclaimed sister of the Olsen twins.

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