If there's anyone out there who can give you the best advice on picking up a little black dress, it's Rachel Zoe, don't you think?

If celebs like Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Joy Bryant and Eva Mendes can trust the Bravo reality star, so can you.

We got our hands on exclusive footage of Ms. Zoe talking about the ubiquitous LBD while prepping Style Rules, her new web series for the new LG Marquee phone. Simply put, Zoe says, "It should be a very versatile dress that can kind of go from day to night."

In Style Rules, Zoe and her team have been traveling around the country challenging pairs of best friends to compete against each other in a fashion showdown. Not only does Zoe help them put together chic—yet affordable!—outfits, but she also offers viewers insider tips and advice on being as fashionable as you possibly can.

Think of Style Rules as a trip to the mall—but with Rachel Zoe by your side.


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