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Update: Eagle-eye commenter Judi pointed out to us perhaps the biggest message Ashton Kutcher's sending us in his personal video: he's not wearing his wedding ring. Why the switch, Ashton?

Demi Moore and her reportedly on-the-outs husband, Ashton Kutcher, are probably the biggest current celebrity users of the social media. While her marriage is supposedly in crisis, Demi tweets oddities with obscure messages, including "'ve got your own back."

Ashton, on the other hand, is a bit more specific, cutting-edge and damning:

The new Two and a Half Men star posted a video today on the shiny new social network Chime.In, laying into the irresponsibility of the media, both social and otherwise. We all, according to APLUSK, "bastardize the truth," and that there's a lacking "level on honesty" in current published literature.

However, just like his reportedly estranged wife, Kutcher never blatantly comes out and says, "That woman who told her story to Us Weekly about sleeping with me completely lied."

What we get, instead, is an impromptu lecture Ashton (who looks kind of like a sleepy Jesus) says was inspired by a "piece of text" he read by "a Kabbalist."

Wow. No wonder Ashton finally decided to fire something back—politely as he does—what with his adopted religion also getting currently absolutely knocked by The Los Angeles Times, which is accusing the celeb-loving group of scandalously inappropriate behavior, largely centering around extravagant monies spent and fame-worshipping.

"We are our own editors and publishers now," Ashton decries.

He asks that we therefore be "instill a little honesty" into our lives.

OK, Ashton, we're game. But can you start? You know what everyone wants to know now.

Can you at least address the situation? Honestly, instead of obliquely?

Just a thought!

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