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    Snooki Steaming Mad and Threatening to Sue Over Half-Baked Pot Bust Story

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    Snooki may love getting drunk on camera, showing her "Kooka" with her fellow meatball Deena Cortese and even getting busy with her fellow Jersey Shore roommates, but apparently she does draw the line somewhere.

    The tiny reality star has called in her legal team to defend her against a website that printed a story claming  Nicole Polizzi (that's Snooki) was arrested for pot possession in her hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York. Snooki denies the story, with her lawyer telling E! News it's "one hundred percent" not true.

    Subsequently, the site (kinda) apologized, saying they were wrong. 

    So what's the latest?

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    The site, called MarijuanaMythbusters, printed a semi retraction with a headline reading: "Myth Busted: Snooki Not Arrested...Or Was She?"

    "It seems as though our sources in Poughkeepsie, NY have pulled a practical joke on us. Apparently, Snooki was NOT arrested in Poughkeepsie, NY with 12 ounces of marijuana in her possession," the site explained, after printing a story stating exactly that. "However there was some truth to the article in that possession of more than 8 ounces of marijuana in the state of New York is a felony. Sorry for not researching our stories in more detail, we simply assumed that Poughkeepsie Journal would have covered the story as we were under the impression it was true."

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    The site's editors then apologized to their "fans, the people of Poughkeepsie, the Poughkeepsie police, The Poughkeepsie Journal and of course Snooki."

    "At Marijuana Mythbusters it is our goal to bust myths pertaining to marijuana. The statement that the sex tape-less Snooki was arrested today for marijuana possession, as we all know was a myth. Myth busted. Sorry Snookers," the statement on the site reads.

    Snooki's lawyer, Stacey Wechsler, reiterated to E! News the website's story has absolutely no truth to it and has sent a cease and desist letter to the site.

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    "The report on regarding Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is one hundred percent false. As Ms. Polizzi's legal counsel is currently investigating this matter, we cannot comment any further except to assure the public and Ms. Polizzi's fans that this story is a complete fabrication."

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