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The writers on Second Chance were really doing their homework in 1987. Or looking into a crystal ball.

Twenty-four years before Col. Moammar Gadhafi was killed by rebel fighters who helped topple his regime this summer, this itty-bitty sitcom starring an 18-year-old Matthew Perry made an elaborate joke about the Libyan strongman.

A joke referencing his death in 2011!

Weirded out yet? Read on...

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First off, props to Mediaite for spotting.

Second Chances starred Perry as Chazz Russell, whose older, future self is killed in a...wait for it...hovercraft accident, but when he stands before St. Peter, he's judged as neither good enough for heaven nor bad enough for hell.

So he gets to go back to Earth for a second chance to do things right!

Before future Perry shows up in the pilot, though, St. Peter (Joseph Mahar) is seen judging, first, a dim beauty queen (heaven!) and then...Gadhafi (at around the 2:25 mark) on "July 29, 2011."

"Dead at last," Mahar deadpans.

"Dead?! It's impossible for me to die!" shrieks the already notorious dictator before being sentenced to an eternity of being wired up as a human bomb.

Yes, that part is super-freaky too.

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