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All you Twilight haters, get ready to sound off!

In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg suggests Twilight doesn't allow Robert Pattinson to reach his full potential as an actor. 

Say what?! Twilight's not good enough for you, David?

"It sort of pleases me to work with actors like Rob who have that potential but haven't had the chance to realize that yet and show it."

Well, duh. David's sayin' what we've said all along: Rob is a fabulous actor, but the awful writing and cheesy vampire scenes certainly don't give the dude enough substance to work with. Water for Elephants is the only project, thus far, that's come close to showing off R.Pattz's capabilities.

And even though Twilight's success has catapulted Rob to major stardom, Cronenburg insists it's not his best work:

"I know [Rob's] big success is Twilight, but as you know Viggo Mortensen's big success was Lord of the Rings, but it didn't show him at his most profound as an actor." 

Touché, David. And what a fabulous comparison, but what about Kristen Stewart? Does Cronenburg have anything to say about her potential?


But he does compare Rob to Keira Knightley:

"I feel that...Keira Knightley is really quite undervalued and underestimated as an actress. I've worked with some of the best, and she is up there. I feel the same way about Robert Pattinson."

Hmm. Come to think of it, Keira and Rob would make a cute couple. 

Only kidding (sorta), you know we're Team Robsten. 

So what say you, Twilight lovers and haters, does Robert Pattinson have what it takes to be a profound actor after he abandons Edward Cullen for good?

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Will Rob reach his full potential post Twilight?
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