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Just when you thought things were dying out in the battle for Hollywood's Top Monster, we decided to pull out our bag o' tricks on you, and what did you end up with? A treat full of fresh new monsters to choose from, that's what. You didn't really think we would leave out some of the most notably notorious freaks in the biz, did you?

We've got the results of the Wild Card Round, and now we are going to take the top two terrors and mix them in with the Round 4 winners. Make sure you think long and hard when you vote because these guys don't like to lose, and if they do... they'll find you.

First, let's recap what happened in Round 4 because the results were too close for comfort. That nightmare of a child, Samara was finally put to bed by Uncle Scar, who probably used his 54.3 percent lead to tell her the perfect bedtime horror story. Voldemort's bark (the core of his wand is made from a Yew tree, duh) turned out to be bigger than Hannibal Lecter's bite. Lord Voldy conjured over 51 percent of your votes in this round.

In the Wild Card Round y'all took things to the next level by bringing in some fresh meat into the competish with the likes of none other than Freddy Krueger (24.2%) and Pennywise (22.2%). The ones that really need to brush up on their scare tactics are Pinhead and Frankenstein's monster because they sunk to the bottom with 5.7 percent and 4.1 percent, respectively.

Alright, now that you've got the rundown it's time to get on your ghastliest game face, and start voting. If you don't then you will be considered dead to us. Have fun!

Hollywood's Top Monster—Round 6
Game 6.1

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Game 6.2

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