Courtney Love

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Out of the way, Lindsay Lohan: There's a bigger, more expensive Necklacegate happening in Celebrity Land.

This time Courtney Love is the apparent culprit and she's being ordered to pay up big time by a Manhattan federal judge, who determined the Hole frontwoman is responsible for jewels that went missing last year and needs to cough up the cash for them.

So where'd the baubles go?

Love blames employees at the Mercer Hotel in New York City, claiming that she did attempt to bring the jewelry back to the famed Jacob & Co. store (founded by "Jacob the Jeweler" Arabov), but that workers at the hotel, where she regularly stays, lost the bag containing the jewels.

The People vs. Larry Flynt star had been lent two white-gold-and-diamond chains and a pair of white-gold-and-diamond pavé hoop earrings, along with a white gold, floral mesh cuff bracelet from the store and wore them to a New Yorkers for Children charity event at Cipriani's last year.

The fashion-loving singer had signed an agreement with the store agreeing to return them on demand and did send back the floral-design mesh bracelet, but not the other pieces.

After claiming the expensive jewels had gone missing, Love filed a report with the New York Police Department last Nov.

But a Manhattan judge wasn't buying it and ruled that the rocker is responsible for the jewelry. And even though she's been ordered to pay up, the judge also ruled that she does not necessarily have to hand over the entire $113,000 plus the interest demanded by Jacob & Co., and may be able to pay less than the store is asking.

Let's just hope Love settles her tab and this doesn't turn into full-blown Lindsay mania.

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