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    Who's Keeping Kristen Stewart Safe on the Snow White and the Huntsman Set?

    Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart Rankin/Universal Studios

    Is it so much to ask that we know Kristen Stewart is safe when she's at work?

    After hearing that K.Stew had been injured on the London set of her flick Snow White and the Huntsman (as blabbed on Twitter by a costars), we just wanted to make sure that everyone was in tip-top shape across the pond.

    But we were given nada in terms of reassuring comments.

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    No one had any statement to give, despite many outreaches made to Universal, the studio behind Snow White. Zero responses came back. It makes Summit look like a regular chatty cathy outfit by comparison! Even K.Stew's pals are mum! What gives?

    Yesterday, Max Manganello (who plays a soldier in the film) tweeted that "Kristen hurt herself...nothing scary." Uh, care to elaborate there, Max?

    Guess not, because shortly afterward the tweet was taken down.

    Kristen's reps have said they have no comment when it comes to the supposed boo-boo, and this isn't the first time that our concerns about K.Stew's health have been snubbed.

    When London was plagued with riots and K.Stew was thrown into the middle of it for her Snow White duties, we checked in to make sure she was A-OK. And heard nada, officially.

    It's not like we're asking for intimate details about her romance with Robert Pattinson! We just want to know that she's all right. Is that too much?

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